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Message from the Coordinator

When we embarked on the Network of Cameroon Journalists for Pan African Institutions’ adventure in December 2013, it was like putting afloat a bottle, without knowing its destination. Here we are, three years later. We have had enriching years through the organisation of training seminars, participation in high level dialogues both in Cameroon and abroad, the production of communication tools like a Blog, a Facebook page and a Magazine. This 2017, we invite you to discover the Recif website. A new page that does not imply any closure of the preceding ones. An ideal occasion to open up to the world. A call for an extensive sharing of ideas, ideologies and opinions. A connection with the rest of the world and, the need for us to be enriched by the experiences of others.

Sit back and relax as you discover through the tabs, the team at your service as well as its accomplishments. You will equally enjoy visiting our foreign pages wherein news on human rights in Africa, by journalists from other countries, awaits. Important links that can allow you have direct access to other websites especially those of key African Union organs are also suggested.
A favourite space is also reserved for the Recif partners, with a highly representative preview of their activities. We are not completely letting the cat out of the bag, to incite you into discovering it all by yourselves.
To accomplish this modest art work, we will be enchanted to have encouragements from you. Your financial and institutional support will be highly welcomed as it represents your undeniable support. To this effect, a Make an Offer tab has been proposed.
Thank you to all those who believe and are with us, as we continue with this adventure.


Thumbnail Lionel WASSOUMI, Specialist in International Communication and Public Action The precarious security situation in the Northern regions of Cameroon over the years because of the fight against Boko...
Thumbnail After depositing the ATT instrument of ratification at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on June 18, 2018, Cameroon has become the 96th State Party to the ATT in the world. This may...
Thumbnail   Sur quoi précisément a porté la 1ère conférence pour le contrôle des Armes légères et de petit calibre ?La conférence était la première conférence des Etats parties à la convention de Kinshasa sur les...
vendredi 6 juillet 2018
Thumbnail   Many people around the world own and use arms but we must outline that there are rules and regulations governing an individual to own arms. It is also true that arms are sold just around the corner...
Thumbnail   Arme de petit calibre désigne, dans l'industrie de l'armement, les armes à feu tirant des munitions d'un calibre inférieur à 20 mm. Au-delà, on parlera d'arme de gros calibre. Le calibre d'une arme...

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