colonel jacques didier lavenir mvom

Many people around the world own and use arms but we must outline that there are rules and regulations governing an individual to own arms. It is also true that arms are sold just around the corner and many people fall into the trap of buying arms without clearly finding out what is needed to own these arms and as such face sanctions from the authorities. Our expert today is Jacques Didier Lavenir Mvom, a PhD Dr in political Sciences from

the University of Yaoundé II, an expert from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) and a retired Colonel of Cameroon’s Military force. He has been working as an expert in CEEAC as an expert in security and defense. He is a lecturer and our expert and he now tells us more on how arms are governed in Cameroon. He revealed that the rights to a gun is automatically given to the defense forces of Cameroon. He outlined that although they have exclusive rights to arms, they must use it only when on service and nothing else. It was clear that although they have access to these arms every day, it is not their private property and must not be used for personal reasons. He clearly stated that failure not to respect these rules might lead to penalties ranging from fines to long jail terms. Concerning civilians who want to own light arms for protection as the case might be in other countries, our expert provided some guidelines.

“Concerning civilians wishing to own arms, law No 2016/015 of the 14th of December 2016 governing arms and ammunition in Cameroon, total control has been left in the hands of territorial administrative authorities. As such, paper work is carried out by the SDO or the Divisional officer, who views the filles and determines if an individual is liable to owning arms. Ignorance is no excuse and there are sanctions levied on people who fail to respect these rules and regulations. It requires a lot of paper work and the authorities are there for that”

It is obvious to note that many Cameroonians don’t yet know this. They fall into the temptation of purchasing locally made arms thinking it is ok since they are locally made but even these arms need authorization from the competent authorities.


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